Creative Services

I work as an independent creative services manager for a number of clients, handling multifaceted communications projects across a range of disciplines including identity development, web, print and video.

Marketing Strategy

With significant experience and a background in advertising and marketing, I can add great value to many businesses. Getting impartial, expert advice can help maximise the return on any marketing investment.

Idea Generation

Using a number of proven tools, I run idea generation sessions to solve real world business problems. I have run sessions for businesses as diverse as technology start-ups, radio stations, PR companies and business associations. To date, I have never had a session where ideas have not led to profitable, successful solutions that bring new enthusiasm and impetus to opportunities.

Presentation Training

How many of us have wasted hours on end being subjected to ‘death by Powerpoint’? The presentation is so much more than the slide deck. There are very few great presenters out there. Many people who ‘present’ as part of their role do not  maximise the opportunity that presenting brings. I can offer guidance and assistance to organisations and individuals to help bring out the best in both the presenter and the material. Don’t leave it until the night before the pitch.